Legal Texts

Key legal texts relating to Brexit are linked below.

EU legal texts

Treaty on European Union, Article 50 (and Article 49)

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, Article 218 (the procedure referred to in TEU Article 50)

UK legal texts

European Communities Act 1972

Scotland Act 1998

Northern Ireland Act 1998

UK publications

HM Government, The Process of Withdrawing from the European Union (February 2016, Cm 9216) (summary)

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee, Implications of the Referendum on EU Membership for the UK’s Role in the World (April 2016, 2015-16 Session HC 545) (summary and written and oral evidence)

House of Lords European Union Committee, The Process of Withdrawing from the European Union (May 2016, 2015-16 Session HL Paper 138) (written and oral evidence)

EFTA/EEA legal texts

Convention Establishing the European Free Trade Association

Agreement on the European Economic Area